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Testimonial for Dental Implants Utah – Salt Lake City

June 28, 2023

Dentist in Salt Lake City – Salt Lake City Utah Dentist – Dr Scott Hamblin interviews Keith Forsgren age 96! Keith gives his testimonial of Hamblin Dental Implant and Aesthetic in Sandy, Utah.

Dr Hamblin: How do you like your new implanted teeth?
Keith: Oh, They are Great!
Dr Hamblin: And what what do you like best about your new smile?
Keith Oh, I think it looks better than it did.
Dr Hamblin: Are you able to chew better?
Keith: I don’t see anything so I really don’t personally benefit from the visual part of it.
Dr Hamblin: you don’t have younger women asking you out on dates or anything like that?
Keith: No. ha ha.
Dr Hamblin: Do you golf twice a week?
Keith: Yes, twice a week.
Dr Hamblin:  And do you go with your son, your brothers , Who do you go with?
Keith: I go with my Brothers and my sons.
They said, Well you are blind. I said, I’ve known that for five years.  They thought they told me something that didn’t know.
Dr Hamblin:  So after you had your teeth fixed they said you had put everything through Blender.
Keith, Yes, at the care center. I spent a little bit of money on teeth, and they said they were going to blend everything so I could drink it.
Dr Hamblin:  And now you can eat anything or?
Keith: Yes, I had corn on the cob out of my garden the other day, I ate two ears. That is the first time I’ve been able to eat corn on the cob in a long time.
Dr Hamblin:  Nice, Did you grow it then?
Keith: Yes, I grew it. It was delicious, I ate two ears that night. You know it tastes so good when you can eat it with your own teeth, without cutting it.
Yes, you can really bite into it! It is great.
Keith: It was the best corn I’ve tasted in a long time
Dr Hamblin:  How was your experience here?
Keith: it was great, you are great people. You are nice and treat me good.

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