Dr. Alan Nix  – Texas

“I have known Dr. Hamblin for years, and I can highly recommend him. He knows more about dental implants than anyone I know. He is a man of integrity and he truly cares about the patients he treats. He is not treating teeth or mouths, he is helping people get back their quality of life.”

Dr. Todd Jorgensen – California

“Dr. Hamblin is one of the best implantologists in the United States. He has treated my patients with respect and kindness. They have always returned to me with the highest of praise for Dr. Hamblin and his entire staff.”

Dr. Les Brooks – Utah

“I trust Dr. Hamblin to provide my patients with the latest and greatest technology available in the world of implant dentistry. The patients I have referred to Dr. Hamblin for dental implant surgery have been extremely pleased with their results.”

Dr. Ben Glick – Nevada

“I had the obligation and opportunity to serve in Iraq as a dentist for 4 months. Dr. Hamblin helped me out many times with my practice while I served in the military. I am grateful for his friendship and professionalism.”

Dr. Ben Glick – Nevada

“I think anybody can be a dentist, but to find a dentist like Dr. Hamblin, one who will treat you right and has compassion for the people he helps, that is what sets him apart.”

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