Pre & Post Op Instructions

Preoperative Instructions

Implant Patients

It is essential that we have as much information including preliminary models, films, scans, etc. completed at your initial visit and give the best dental care.

☑ Digital photographs: full face serious and full face smiling, lip retraction, occlusal view
☑ Panorex film
☑ Study models and bite registration
☑ CAT Scan, Upper and Lower Jaws
☑ Desired shade for temporary prosthesis, if applicable

Preoperative Clearance

Implant and Sedation
Certain patients may require preoperative clearance for dental implants. This is determined on an individual basis.

Preoperative Financial Arrangements

Financial arrangements and any required deposits must be made prior to your visit.

Required Paperwork

Call our office and we will mail the required forms to you, or you can now download all necessary forms. Click Here
If possible, complete forms and send them to us before your visit.

Treatment Options

After carefully and thoroughly reviewing the necessary information, Dr. Hamblin and the hamblin dental team will design treatment options specific for you here in Sandy Utah. Together, you can decide which procedures will be best for you and for your lifestyle.

Send Digital Photos, X-rays, Study Models, Bite registrations and CAT Scans to our Dental Care Coordinator:

Becky Corwell
10011 South Centennial Parkway Suite 540
Sandy, UT 84070

The Day Of Your Surgery

Implant Patients

Your surgery will be performed in a surgical room located within our office. We encourage patients to travel with a family member or a close friend who can assist in your postoperative care. It is a standard of care to have someone with you for 12 hours following your surgery. It is advised that you have someone assist you following oral sedation.

Smile Makeovers

It is advised that you have someone assist you following oral sedation.

Postoperative Care

Implant Patients

Plan to stay in Salt Lake City from 3-7 days after surgery depending on which procedures you have performed. This will be decided with Dr. Hamblin during your phone conference.

When You Return Home

When you go home, it is important that you follow all of Dr. Hamblin’s printed instructions for your recovery. Some procedures may need a follow-up visit. Please include this in your planning.

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