Our Commitment

Some general dentists have been concerned about referring a patient to another general dentist, until they found our level of commitment to our relationship with them, and the ease and comfort that patients experienced. We are committed to the highest standard of patient and clinical care. We will spend as much time as required to plan treatment and present the treatment to your patient so they can make an informed and appropriate treatment choice. Patients are always provided with a detailed written treatment plan. Patients will only be treated for the conditions or problems for which they were referred. Should additional treatment be required to achieve this goal then we will liaise with the referring dentist prior to any treatment being carried out. We will keep you informed as to the patient’s progress and the patient will be referred back on completion of treatment. We make it quite clear to patients that they are your patients and we are being asked to provide a specific service and ongoing care is to be carried out by the referring dentist.

Dental Implants as a primary treatment option has grown enormously over the last few years both within the profession and the general public. It offers a very predictable method of replacing single or multiple teeth up to full arch reconstruction and to stabilize problem dentures.

Success rates of 98% are usual, whichever Implant system is used. We have placed and restored over 2,000 Implants over 20 years, using various systems, and this work now occupies over 80% of our clinical time at our office in Sandy Utah.

The Facility

The Hamblin Dental Implant Center moved to its present location in Sandy, Utah in January 2006 after 20 plus years in California. Our purpose, is designed to provide optimum levels of personal and clinical care for involved reconstructive procedures. Hamblin Dentals Separate consultation areas with audio-visual aids are used to present treatment to patients. Dr Hamblin believe in spending as much time as required to enable patients to make informed and comfortable decisions regarding the possible treatment available to them. Trained and experienced staff are present to deal with all aspects of clinical and patient care. The clinical environment is specifically designed and equipped to provide Implant based reconstructive dentistry with a strong emphasis on infection control.

Levels Of Referral

We routinely provide single tooth replacements up to full arch and full mouth Implant borne reconstructions. This includes additional grafting techniques such as sinus augmentation, onlay bone grafts and soft tissue corrections and augmentation where required. A cornerstone of our philosophy is using evidence based techniques to build a sound hard and soft tissue environment into which Implants can be placed. This provides the best chance of predictable, bio-mechanically and aesthetically sound reconstructions.

We appreciate that many practitioners are now involved or becoming involved in Implant dentistry, and as such, we are keen to promote Implant dentistry both to the profession and public alike. This is to the mutual benefit of all concerned. We are able to offer referrals on various levels as listed below and are keen to involve referring dentists in the planning and completion of the treatment.

Level 1: 

Opinion OnlyPatients and dentists who are exploring their treatment options.

Level 2: 

Augmentation ProceduresPatient is referred for hard/or soft tissue augmentations prior to the referring dentist placing and restoring the implants.

Level 3: 

Surgical ReferralImplant placed along with any augmentation procedures carried out by the Practice. The restorative planning and treatment is carried out by the referring dentist.

Level 4:

Full Case ReferralThe patient is referred for all planning, surgical and restorative aspects of the treatment.

All patients referred to our practice are graciously returned to the referring office immediately following the requested services.

We are extremely enthusiastic about Implant dentistry and are happy to offer advice and technical back-up to dentists who wish to become involved in restoring straight forward cases and to establish Implant dentistry as a treatment option for their Practice. Various Implant systems have been used in the Practice, including Nobel Biocare, Zimmer, Straumann, Blue-Sky Bio, Astra, MIS 7, Implant Direct and Ankylos.

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