Patient Testimonials

“I had a denture made by someone else a few years ago. It was miserable. I couldn’t chew and my denture slipped and fell. It was embarrassing and I started to have a dental fear. I read an article about Dr. Hamblin in the newspaper and decided to go and see what he could do for me. He was very kind and listened to what I was struggling with. We decided together that dental implants could help me. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Dr. Hamblin was very gentle and professional. The fee was a little more than I thought it would be, but in looking back, I would have paid twice as much for what Dr. Hamblin and his caring staff did for me. Thank you!”

Joanne T.

I’m so happy I found Dr. Hamblin and am thrilled with the results of my dental implants! I had a very difficult situation with my upper teeth and considerable bone loss, but with Dr. Hamblin’s expertise he was able to place the implants in such a way that I now have a beautiful upper bridge permanently attached to give me a perfect smile. Dr. Hamblin was wonderful throughout and his staff was professional, friendly and very caring. I highly recommend Hamblin Dental Implant & Aesthetic for the best possible implant experience! Thank you so much!

Judy Boswell

Choir Director

Dr. Scott Hamblin is wonderful! I can highly recommend him. He restored by entire upper teeth with dental implants. I can now chew and eat with confidence. And, yes, my son is the 2nd best dentist in the world! (his father is #1).

Joan Hamblin


My front tooth broke off and had to be removed. Dr. Hamblin removed the tooth, placed an implant and a new tooth, all in just one short painless appointment!

Skip Anderson

The Monday after high-school graduation at seventeen years of age, I found myself, after years of fillings and toothaches, at the oral surgeon having all of my upper teeth extracted. This happened, I believe, because I lived in a very rural section of the country and had neither the benefit of new technology, such as it was in 1959, nor the protection of fluoridated water. So I lived for forty some years with an upper denture plate and all of the complications that went along with that. About six or seven years ago, Dr. Hamblin and I began discussing implants. Just before that, I had prayed that God would make new teeth grow in my upper mouth. It took me a while to make the decision to proceed. I have had the implants for about two years now and to me they are truly an answer to prayer because it does seem as though I have ‘real’ teeth. The process of getting the implants was an emotional one for me. Dr. Hamblin was sensitive to that. He is also very skilled in implant surgery. I feel it was an adventure we shared with a very positive outcome. I wish I had done it when we first discussed it, but at sixty-three I learned that it’s never too late to take a positive step to improving one’s life.

Janet Kinsel

Choir Director

I can now chew and smile with confidence. Thanks Dr. Hamblin! Now I need him to fix my top teeth.

Richard J.

I had the Teeth In An Hour surgery done by Dr. Hamblin on FOX News Live. It was painless.

Susan T

I had dentures and couldn’t eat anything. Now, thanks to Dr. Hamblin, I have solid secure teeth.”

Jerry B.

For many years I had, what I labeled, an incurable, unrealistic fear of the dentist. It wasn’t a fear obtained through a horrible incident. For me, it was an imagined, “what if” fear. I didn’t like having “NO CONTROL” over the dentist’s actions. My mind said “What if his instrument slipped and it hit my nasal passage, or worse yet, my brain? What if I had a heart attack from my fear? Would he be able to save me? What if they didn’t numb me enough? What if I felt pain?” I used to joke that I’d rather give birth on the floor in the middle of a huge, unknown crowd rather than go to the dentist. Next there were the noises and smells. I didn’t want to hear the “whir” of an instrument. I couldn’t stand the antiseptic smell. How would I truly know if the instruments were sterilized? My mind just went into a frenzied state. I just plain did NOT like going to the dentist.So, over the years I had issues which ultimately led to a gap in my smile. I had a temporary “flipper” but wanted a “real” tooth in its place. I covered my mouth when I smiled, didn’t like the feel of this foreign object in my mouth and wanted my smile back. I began researching dental implants and really loved the idea. I got up the nerve to, at least, go in for a complimentary exam. My heart was racing. The thought of even sitting in the chair gave me great anxiety. I chose Dr. Hamblin because he did offer sedation dentistry. I called Becky, his receptionist, who is wonderfully supportive and caring! His entire staff is very caring and supportive of each patient.I expressed my fears and unrealistic concerns to Dr. Hamblin and his Hamblin Dental team and he assured me that he would make me as comfortable as I needed to be to have the tooth removal and the implant surgery done. He didn’t underscore my fears. He and his staff guided me through each and every step of the implant. I chose the sedation more from fear and anxiety than anything else. On the day of the start of the procedure I was still panicky and scared. His assistant gave me another “pill” shortly before the procedure and the next thing I knew my sister-in-law was calling me to check in on me after she had brought me home. Becky called to check on me the same day. I had very minimal pain and had the necessary medication in case it was too awful.Dr. Hamblin and his caring staff have helped me release most of my fears of the dentist and I am proud and happy to say I can go for a cleaning without any medication and a minimal amount of fear. “Thank you” seems like such simple words but they are deep from my heart to Dr. Hamblin and his staff! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Glenda Ryser

I just wanted to send a big huge “Thank You” to Dr. Hamblin, Becky & Sabrina for the excellent job you did on my new Crowns & Veneers. They are absolutely gorgeous and I have the whitest, brightest smile in town! You guys are always so genuinely pleasant when I come into your office, treat me with respect, try to make me as comfortable as possible and are the consummate professionals. I consider myself very lucky to have such a wonderful group handling all my dental needs.

Cher Callaway

I found Dr. Hamblin on the internet and was impressed. Thank you so much! Everyone notices my smile. They say I look like a totally different person. My daughter even called me pretty. I am so happy! Thank you, Again.

Pam Hughes

Implant Patient from California

“I met Becky over the phone after calling numerous doctors throughout the Salt Lake Valley. It was because of her warm and caring personality that came through the phone that I first chose to make my appointment with Dr. Hamblin. Over the phone I explained my dire situation. I had many dental procedures throughout my life. Just about everything. But I found myself in a nightmare. I had no teeth at all. In 45 minutes a local dentist removed all of my remaining upper and lower teeth. I was not old enough to need dentures. I was desperate.
My first meeting with Dr. Hamblin was very comfortable physically and emotionally as well. He took the time to go over every procedure he felt I would qualify for. In the end I decided to go with Implants. “Teeth in a Day” sounded so far fetched but I am proof of it! After a couple more consults, a very complete step by step procedure list, and cost evaluation, I went in for my ‘surgery’, the actual implants. To my disbelief it was the definition of quick and painless. I don’t remember any of the actual time in the chair and my recovery was one third of what my healing was after my previous extractions. I had teeth! I could smile! I could go back out in public and most of all I could once again join my only daughter in her life outside our home.

The impact of having such a drastic situation of having zero teeth, I mean NO teeth, just gums, was for me, life threatening. I was on the edge of considering suicide. All I had ever wanted was something so small, just to be able to have my picture taken with my beautiful daughter. Sounds so small, but it was impossible before becoming a patient of Hamblin Dental. I was back to work in 2 days and didn’t even finish my pain management medication. I didn’t need it. THERE WAS NO PAIN!!!!!!!! Let me say that again, THERE WAS NO PAIN!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t have believed that if 100 Heavenly Angels came before me and said that. I knew dental procedures and this one was going to hurt. Wrong! Somehow Dr Hamblin and his incredible staff of professionals have perfected everything about implants. Everything from the impressive location of his office to the warm nature of Becky, on to the very competent and friendly assistants for the doc, but mostly to Dr. Hamblin’s up to the minute current education, skill, drive, knowledge, wonderful human nature, and desire to help others reclaim their lives. Every step of the way I felt no anxiety, and no unforeseen problems have come up. The cost was sizable, but when in return, I get to talk, smile, & interact with others. I get to live again. How do you put a price on that? I have my life again.

For years I had been depressed over my appearance and wouldn‘t interact socially with anyone except immediate family. Now I have that interaction back in my life. So if you can qualify for the financial, have the need, and want the BEST, then Hamblin Dental is the place to go. If my before picture is included in this testimony it is scary, more to me than anyone. I know this, and this was one reason I felt I had to agree to show it and was asked for my testimony. I think I have to be one of his full mouth restorations! If he can help me, he can help you. It is such a drastic difference, so only click on it if you’re not weak at heart! Drastic Picture Warning!!! These words are just a summary of what I could go on and on about. Really, how in the world can I put into words what it feels like to have another chance to live life??? It’s not easy. So if anyone has any questions ask! Your answers are right here at Hamblin Dental.”

Julie Hansen

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