Dr. Hamblin’s Revolutionary Technique Gives You New Rock Solid Implanted Teeth In Just One Day!

Are Dental Implants For You?

Non-Removable Dental Implant Supported Teeth In Just One Day!

For two decades, the staff at HAMBLIN DENTAL-IMPLANT & AESTHETIC has been focused upon and energized by creating healthy, brilliant smiles for many patients who thought they were in hopeless dental situations. With the development and perfection of osseointegrated dental implants and aesthetic functional implant prostheses, patients regardless of age can enjoy a compliment of permanent teeth, custom designed to suit their individual appearances. Today, many patients who have a debilitating dental condition can be treated with a new process entitled TODAY TEETH.


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Now there is an even better way to enjoy solid secure beautifully implanted teeth. A fresh open palate and strong natural bite with no bulky unnatural plastic irritating sensitive gums are just a few advantages dental implants offer. A gentle surgical procedure is performed to place the dental implant. There is no pain during dental implant surgery. Unlike natural teeth, dental implants do not have sensitive nerves. After surgery, mild pain medication is all that is needed.

Bone thickness is important. Fortunately, most people have sufficient bone. If not, new bone can be regenerated with bone grafting.

The benefits of dental implants are wide ranging, from improved appearance and self confidence to a whole new feeling of well being and renewed enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures with Implant & Aesthetic dentistry . Dental implant patients can once again eat the healthy foods they have been missing. Apples, corn on the cob, and fresh vegetables are back on the menu…even steak! The scientific evidence is in, and dental implants are safely and effectively replacing the missing teeth and bone that were once lost after extractions. If you have loss of teeth or loss of bone associated with long term denture wear, dental implants probably have important advantages for you.


⚠️ Blocks Taste ⚠️ Bulky Plastic
⚠️ Gooey Adhesives ⚠️ Weak Bite
⚠️ Gagging ⚠️ Embarrassing Accidents
⚠️ Progressive Bone Loss ⚠️ Collapsed Bite


✓ Fresh Open Palate ✓ Natural Fit and Contours
✓ No Adhesives ✓ Strong Bite
✓ No Gagging ✓ Stops Bone Loss
✓ Improved Facial Features


Following a thorough evaluation of your teeth and x-rays, models of your teeth are made. This gives Dr. Hamblin the information needed to create your TODAY TEETH surgical guide and your natural looking acrylic teeth. On the day of surgery, you are sedated, your broken and loose teeth are removed, titanium implants are placed, and Dr. Hamblin’s unique solid teeth are placed onto the titanium implants. You come in with broken, loose, missing, or hopeless teeth, and leave with solid, secure, beautifully implanted teeth. No months of healing and having to wear loose, removable dentures..
Dr. Hamblin has pioneered this proven and safe surgery. Patients, regardless of age, can enjoy a full complement of secure teeth, custom designed to suit their appearance. From adolescents with congenitally missing teeth, to beautiful models, business savvy smiles for executives, and retired individuals who toss their dentures away forever, we can produce those dramatic and often magical facial changes in ONE SINGLE DENTAL VISIT with TODAY TEETH dental implants.

Technique Outline

Dr. Hamblin will fabricate a provisional restoration prior to surgery and place the dental implants in the ideal position for the prosthetic restoration. The abutments are connected to the dental implants. Immediate functional loading can be approved for a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. This technique allows for the placement of the dental implants in the proper position for each individual patient, followed by customization of the provisional restoration. By wearing the secure provisional restoration during the healing period, you have the opportunity to evaluate and test the temporary teeth prior to finalizing.

Indications for TODAY TEETH

Not every patient is a candidate for Dr. Hamblin’s TODAY TEETH dental implant procedure. You should understand the limitations of such treatment and be willing to accept the precautionary measures that are scientifically set forth. It is strongly recommended that patients be on a soft diet during the three-month healing period to limit the chewing forces during osseointegration. While this cannot be easily enforced, patient compliance is an important factor in achieving success.

Extraction, immediate implant placement, and temporary tooth is the treatment of choice for front teeth. Because the back teeth are subject to so much more chewing force the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages of immediate placement.

The advantages are easy to recognize: The ability to have fixed teeth immediately (TODAY TEETH), no need to use an uncomfortable removable prosthesis, provides functional advantages, improved aesthetics, and improved patient self-image.

When teeth are removed, bone immediately begins to melt away or resorb. The longer you put off replacement of your missing tooth/teeth, the less bone you have, making you look older and sometimes making it impossible to place a dental implant.

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Hamblin Dental is the Right Choice for Dental Implants

Participate in Our Hamblin Dental Implant Study

Participate in our Hamblin Dental Implant study using FDA approved dental implants. This study and package deal is available to a limited number.

Included in the study:  (all for $21,750. Our regular fee for this procedure is $27,900)

  • 4 dental implants and 4 custom abutments installed with immediate attachment of fixed (cemented) custom conversion prosthesis upper or lower jaw.
  • 4 months later remove conversion prosthesis and have custom designed porcelain to titanium prosthesis- custom made cemented bridge  (This will take 2-3 visits)
  • 3 Panorex x-rays over the course of treatment
  • Thorough examination and post-operative care
  • Study models and computer-aided surgical guide
  • Oral Sedation and local anesthesia

** Does not include dental cat scan, bone grafting or extractions (if needed). Patients must be non-smokers, non-diabetics, in good general health (age is not a factor-in fact some of our patients are in their 80’s and 90’s.)

Hamblin Dental Implant Research Group has been selected as part of a group of dentists to participate in a clinical study that ends the problems of denture wear by using new types of dental implants.

If you are a good candidate, your implant treatment will be done at a slightly reduced fee  (please be aware that the study is NOT free).

Dental implants are already highly successful in denture patients. New dental implant designs are being tested in this study to see if the success rates, which are already acceptable, are higher than previous designs.

Patient Inclusion Criteria:

  1. Edentulous in at least one arch for at least 11 months prior to surgery.
  2. At least 18 years old.
  3. Willing and able to give informed consent.
  4. Willing to participate in the study.
  5. Abundant bone Division A bone must be present in the arch to be restored.
  6. Division A bone is classified as >5 mm width, >10 mm height, <30 degrees restorative angulation, crown:implant ratio <1.


Patient Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes and those on oral or IV bisphosphonates are not eligible for inclusion in the data.
  2. History of alcoholism or drug abuse.
  3. Uncontrolled metabolic disease.
  4. Transplant patient on immunosuppressant therapy.
  5. Uncompensated systemic disease.
  6. Mental illness.
  7. Received radiation therapy to surgical site.
  8. Debilitating TMJ pathosis.
  9. Pregnant.

Smoking/Non-Smoking Categories:  To be classified as a non-smoker, patient must be tobacco free for at least one year.


For this study, patients may present with no natural teeth, bone loss, or hopeless remaining teeth in one of their jaws. Hopeless teeth will be extracted at same surgical visit when placing the dental implants and new ‘cemented in’ teeth. Call (801) 255-7645 today to see if you qualify as a candidate for our study.   * Limited time offer *

Dental Implant Study presents the possibility of taking part in the Hamblin Dental Implant Study. The project is under the direction of Dr. Scott Hamblin. The project involves treatment that includes reconstructing the lower or upper jaw by installing 4 dental implants. There are only a limited number of patients to be covered by this project – our clinic has been approved for 24 patients to receive this treatment.  

We ask that you come into our center for all the diagnostic evaluations (x-rays, photographs, study models, surgical guide, dental cat scan etc…-this takes about 1 hour). *Dental cat scan is performed at our imaging center and is $290. A few days later, we perform the surgery-extract teeth (if needed), place implants and cement in conversion prosthesis (your new solid teeth).

This research project is for a limited time only

Limited number of treatments: 24

Number of treatments available: 3

Patients expectations regarding a beautiful smile in just one surgery is a very real possibility.

Length of Treatment:

The surgery and prosthodontic work takes about 4 hours. All performed in one visit while sedated and anesthetized.

Immediate results; Treatment finished within anesthesia phase; eat a light meal that evening, and return to normal function in just a few days.(unless extractions are performed simultaneously-then expect a longer recovery time). If no extractions are required, then there are no incisions and no sutures which means a fast recovery time.

You will need to return for a 3-4 month re-evaluation, for us to record our success.  And, to make your NEW, custom-designed porcelain final prosthesis. This final prosthetic phase will take 2-3 visits (non-surgical and no anesthesia required)’ and depends on complexity of treatment.  Every patient is an individual with individual needs.  All procedures performed by Dr. Hamblin in our high class state-of-the-art surgical suite.

For patients needing tooth removal and immediate replacement with a dental implant


Status:   study includes 30 patients
Available:  2

** A recent quote from Costa Rica (some people go to this country for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and implant dentistry and have reported cheap care) indicated the total cost of an implant there is roughly $1900.  While this is a few hundred dollars less than our current implant study fees, you have the treatment done in the USA, by a board certified dentist. A dentist with over 20 years experience in dental implant surgery.

Typical fees for dental implant surgery and the final crown are $1800 for the surgical placement of the dental implant, $800 for the abutment and $1200 for the crown, totaling $4,000. Many areas of the United States average $5,000-6,000.

As part of our Implant Study, the fees are as follows:

  • $700 for surgical implant placement
  • $400 abutment (stock)*
  • $1,000 for the crown.
  • $2100 TOTAL

We are limited in the number of patients we can treat as part of the Implant Study.

* $1050 Payment required at time of Implant placement. CUSTOM ABUTMENT ADDS $200 to price (Very few patients require a custom abutment).

For patients needing significant bone grafting prior to dental implant placement


Status:  Enrollment closed

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